Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Narrative Paragraphs

Please use this space to post your narrative paragraphs.

As a reminder to you, you need to post a narrative paragraph on the topic which I gave you. You need to write a paragraph of 150 − 200 words.  You need to ensure that you do this by Friday 5PM.  I will be checking your posts right after this time and if your post is not there then you will not gain any score. You MUST ENSURE that you include your name and your ID#. When you see your partner's paragraph you will then need to print the peer review form. PLEASE NOTE: I HAVE SIMPLIFIED THIS FORM - IT IS A SHORTER FORM THAN THE ONE I SHOWED YOU IN CLASS ON WEDNESDAY. You can connect to it at this link.

Then, after completing the peer review form you will submit this paper to me in our class on Monday.

In your narrative paragraph the subject that you are to write about is on the top of p.36 in our book. It states write a paragraph about a memorable event or memorable experience in your life.

Thanks, Dylan


  1. Kim Min Ji (2011-12435)

    My memorable experience : "Rail 路"

    In this summer vacation, I went to travel by train. "Rail 路" is system that provided package of the train use to youth who aged under 25. "Rail 路" is very memorable and special to me. First, I can know about beauty of Korea while I traveled the whole country. In the past, I just want to go abroad because I think foreign countries are more beautiful than Korea. But after traveling Korea, I knew beauty of Korea perfectly such as Andong Hahoe Village, Busan Haeundae, and Kyoungju etc. Secondly, I can make rich memory with my friends. For example, we took many pictures and told a lot of our story. Also, we became more intimate by sleeping together during our traveling. Finally, I can have new experiences. For instance, I learned to spend money thriftily, to communicate with unfamiliar people, and to find values of small things. Journey by "Rail 路" is my first and very special experience, so I strongly recommend traveling by "Rail 路". "Rail 路" clearly helps people to make special memory.


    A Memorial Event in My Life

    I can never forget the trip with my friend to islands in the Southern Sea in the summer two years ago. Firstly, what made our journey memorial is the time we spent on the bus talking about each other’s life. He and I came to know more deeply about each other, which made our friendship grow more. Next, the experiences at the islands we visited were really fantastic! The first place was Nam-Hae Do, where we ate delicious foods and walked around the sea shores, and visited some famous spots. Then we moved to Geo-Jae Do, where my friend’s hometown is. We rested at his house and swam in the sea. Especially, catching various sea creatures, including sea urchin, small fish, conches, was the most extraordinary experience during the trip. Lastly, the trip was so special, for it was the last time until now in my university life to travel somewhere with my friend just for freedom. Because of my health condition, I couldn’t plan any more personal trip after then. Indeed, all the stories above are saying why the trip is so memorial one for me.

  3. Shin Ki Seop

    Visiting the Philippines

    Through visiting the Philippines, I could get not only English skills, but also confidence. When I was 17 years old, I had been the Philippines for two months. At first, I felt nervous about strange place, people and language because it was afraid to me to accept new thing. All the people couldn't use Korean, so I should use English. In addition, only young Filipino could use English. However time over time, I became accustomed to using English and body language. Then I bought something to eat and watched movie with my friends. Moreover, I made Filipino friends. I and my friends went to shopping and beach with them. Though they were not Korean, we didn’t care about that fact. We were just friends and had a nice time. When I came back to Korea, I could know that there was a change in my mind. Although it is very difficult to adopt new thing, I got the power to accept that.

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  5. Han Su-jeong

    A Memorable Event in My Life

    I can’t forget the day I got an acceptance letter from the medical school. When I was an elementary school student, I had a dream which is to be a good doctor. I sincerely hoped that my dream comes true, to such an extent as to treasure my dream until now. Over time, I graduated middle school and became a high school student. When I was a high school student, I studied very hard to get good grades. But most school teacher said that I couldn’t enter any medical school and didn’t support my application to medicine because medical school is one of the most popular studies and my grade is deficient. Even my parents objected my opinion and wanted me to be a teacher. Only my homeroom teacher and friends gave me a full support. I submitted an application in spite of people’s dissuading about one year ago. After I passed the primary examination, I had an interview about ten months ago. A month later, I finally heard that I passed exam. After I realized my pass, I cried tears of joy. Although I had a hard time until passing exam, that moment will continue with me forever.

  6. Kim So-youn

    A memorable experience in my life

    The most memorable experience was a trip to Japan in 2006. It has several reasons why this trip was the most memorable to me. Firstly, it was the first trip without my parents except school trip. I went to Japan with my older sister, cousin, and my cousin’s husband. There were no parents. So I was really worried and also expected to go there. In Japan, I did almost everything for myself. For example, I got up early in the morning without my mom’s voice that gets me up and I carried a heavy bag without anyone’s help. Secondly, it was my first overseas trip. Before that time, I had never gone abroad. So, just the thought of it made my heart flutter such as I was always smiling before the trip even during class. Finally, I experienced a lot of things. Japan and Korea were so close, but they were too different. Japanese costume, Japanese food, and Japanese structure were so amazing. And the most impressive thing is a temple that is made of gold. The shining temple from an evening glow was so fantastic. For these reasons, this trip was the most memorable experience.

  7. Oh Yu-rim

    A Memorable Experience in My Life

    I think I’ll never forget yesterday night. It was so excited, happy and also I feel empty. I’m in our university’s girls’ dance team. Our dance team performed dance performance at September each year. And yesterday was the day! We practiced almost two months since summer vacation. It was too hard because we usually danced more than 5 hours till midnight. So during the vacation, I couldn’t go travel or play with friends well. Sometimes I wanted to give up, but I didn’t because dancing is very fun and our members are so good. Like this, we prepared our performance passionately and finally we succeed. So many people came to see us and everyone said our performance was fantastic! Although we made some small mistakes, we feel really great about having completed this performance. However, we feel little empty too, because all of our two months just disappeared during 2 hours. And we’ll not practice for a while, so it’ll be hard to see members who have different major from me. But we believed we’ll meet privately, and maybe we restart practice at November. Anyway, last night’s performance was so memorable experience for me. I’ll remember this special memory forever.

  8. Lee Min Ho

    Winning the scooter race.

    I can't forget that the moment when I first stood at the circuit. Since I was a junior, I was interested in motorcycle. So I bought my motorcycle during my senior year and enrolled in Seoul National University Motorcycle Association(SNUMA). I had fun with my peers. Someday, my friend suggested me to participate in a scooter race. It looked interesting so I decided to enjoy it with the other riders. I practiced everyday with my colleagues, and finally I got a circuit license. So I was qualified to participate in the Korea Scooter Race Championship. The race was held at Tancheon, Jamsil. It was right next to Han-River, so the view was also great. In the 1st and 2nd race, I was extremely nervous and I wasn’t skilled enough for the race, so I couldn't get a good result. But I and my teammates practiced harder and harder. Finally, we won the 4th race. The race was hard and it was exhausting, but it was the most memorable experience I have ever had.

  9. Choi Ji-min

    Memorable experience in my life

    In 2009, I participated in CALS Global Challenger Program with my friend. This program was abroad visiting program of Agricultual and Life Science College. We went to North Carolina, New York, Washington D.C. and Boston in USA. And we visited university, research center like NIH(National Institute of Health) and so on. It was really wonderful experience. At first, it was very stressful to plan and prepare the visit. We searched many organizations to visit and sent e-mail. But we couldn't receive a reply easily, we had to wait answers from them. Also, when we went there, we experienced many difficulties unexpectedly. But now, this is only memory. Then, we had worthful experience that we couldn't have in school more than anything. Our subject was research for biomedical engineering. We met many nice people in this field. So we got useful information about our subject. From this experience, I had great opportunity to think of my future way. For this reason, it became unforgottable event in my life.

  10. A school trip.
    Last December, our teacher, Mrs.Taylor, took us to Yorkshire on a school trip. We left Liverpool at 8 a.m on Saturday and finally arrived in York at 11 a.m. Then it started rain. We woke up early on Sunday morning and looked outside. There was water every where. We went downstairs for breakfast, but the kitchen in the hostel was flooded. Sunday afternoon was terrible with my teacher and some classmate. But it was funny with me. 2 girls hired bikes and rode into the center of the city. They caused a small accident. So then the police came. And mrs.Taylor was furious. We returnes to Lakepool on Sunday evening. We were cold, wet and tired. Never again.